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Menstrual Cup Size 2

 What is it?
The cup is a soft silicone cup that can be reused for every period. Worn internally, lower than a tampon, the cup collects rather than absorbs your menstrual fluid.

Why is it better?
The cup is designed by women for your comfort and convenience. There's no mess no leaks and no dryness. You will only need one Mooncup, so it saves you money and is eco-friendly too.
The cup is made from hypoallergenic silicone and holds three times as much menstrual fluid as a tampon. It will not unbalance your healthy vaginal environment or deposit fibres in your vaginal wall. With the cup, you will not absorb pesticides or bleaches into your body. The cup is ideal for travelling, swimming, exercise and overnight use.

Is it easy to use?
Correctly inserted the cup is so comfortable that you can't feel it's there. It may take a little practice at first, as you need to find the angle and position that is right for you. Once you have perfected it, you will be amazed at how simple your cup is to use.
The cup is folded and inserted into the vagina and opens up once it's inside. You will need to remove and empty the cup every four to eight hours depending on your flow. The cup is then simply rinsed out or wiped, and reinserted. It can be cleaned more thoroughly between periods.

What size for me?
We have 2 sizes. If you are 30+ or have had a vaginal birth you will use size 2  whereas if you are under 30 and have had no children or a Caesarean birth you will use size 1.