About Us

We are Matthew Luxon and Waveney Warth, we currently live in Auckland, New Zealand. The Rubbish Free website emerged out of a challenge we set ourselves in 2008  to live for one year without creating ANY rubbish.  

By the end of the year we had one supermarket bag of rubbish; mostly from accidental things like the car braking down, litter blown on to the property or from biscuit-bearing guests. These days we still live with very little rubbish.  In 2016 we put out one rubbish wheelie bin.


Listener magazine, November 2016 New Zealand Geographic, July-August 2015 OurAuckland, May 2016 Element magazine, November 2015
Sunday Star Times, June 2008 Women's Health magazine, April 2009 Renew magazine, April-June 2008 G magazine, March 2010


Click on the magazine images to read articles on the year, or click here to see the first of three TV3 Campbell Live stories on the challenge.

When we were doing the challenge we lived with our dog and two chickens in Christchurch, New Zealand, no kids.  

Since then we have been rubbish free in an apartment in downtown Auckland; rubbish free in a unit with a tiny court yard and rubbish free while on holiday.  All circumstances create their own unique issues but the bacis seem to be the same. 

We didn’t know ANYTHING about what we were doing when we started so we hope this is an encouragement - if we can maybe you can.