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Reducing and re-homing rubbish...

Suzanne in NZ is compiling a list of products with recyclable, compostable or zero packaging with the idea that it'd be a shopping aid. Check it out here.

The government-based reduce your rubbish website has excellent ‘how to’ advice here and regional specific information here.

Freecycle is a great way to find folk keen to make use of stuff you no longer want. As the name suggests it is a free exchange of goods. is an international site which provides a forum for people to share their skills and talents in a barter type system.

Thanks also to Jane for putting us onto this American guide to shopping green - Shop Sleuth.

Blogs we love...

Greenfoot is an Australian based blog written by Sydney-sider Trina Tune. With so much fantastic information, well written, and relevant for NZ, we find ourselves over there checking it out a lot!

Get informed...

Get active and informed about waste issues in Aotearoa, New Zealand, at the Greens Waste Campaign.

Enroll in a Sustainable Living course! Available in major centers nation wide. The courses typically run for 6 weeks and cover topics like shopping and waste, energy, transportation and sustainable housing. We did one and we loved it, its such a great way to learn and now we do some tutoring on them!


Green List is a fantastic NZ based directory of sustainable products and services.

Enviro-choice puts a tick on products that meet their environmental standard, NZ based. Also lists products available. is a comprehensive, eco-friendly resource website with an international focus.

Organic Direct is a database of organic products available in New Zealand. Generally a great way to cut down on food packaging etc. Seems similar to Organic Pathways.

Ecostore has a wide range of products - we love their wooden brushes in particular and so have stocked them in our store. If you don’t want to pay for postage ask them where their nearest dealer is.

BookMooch is a free online book-swapping site.

Movie clips, Quizzes, Games, Photos…

Take this quiz to find out how many worlds would we need if everyone lived like you. Really easy, visual and really, really informative. Unfortunately we can’t select NZ as our country yet, just Australia or USA, but it works well anyway.

Alternatively, for a NZ context to your CO2 emissions you can download this comprehensive spreadsheet created by Heather and her husband in Auckland, NZ to work out exactly which of your actions are the largest contributors of CO2 emissions and what you don't need to worry so much about!

Photographic artist, Chris Jordan, has made visual representations of the number of cell phones thrown away every day, or the number of plastic water bottles thrown every 5 mins etc. Also has some non-rubbish related images, like the number of people in prison in 2005, but mostly very relevant and a very powerful way of grasping the issues of consumerism globally (all stats are from USA).

The Story of Stuff: We highly recommend this short online movie about where stuff comes from. Deals with the big picture of our production consumption model. American made but tells a global story, particularly relevant to any Western ‘consumer’. Makes a complex and heavy topic palatable. Thoughtfully produced with low density images for easier downloads.

A movie trailer about a couple who decided to live with their own garbage for 3 months.

Home building & renovating...

Ecobob is a must visit site for anyone considering building an environmentally sustainable house.

And for out in the garden its hard to go past MyGarden for advice and sharing with a community.

Other people doing cool things related to rubbish...

The Rubbish Free equivalent in the UK is My Zero Waste, and in the US it is the Green Garbage Project - legends!

The Fake Plastic Fish woman (I'm sorry I don't know your name!) is also very cool. She is systematically ridding her life of plastic, a bit everyday.


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