Soap is easy enough to buy in paper, just avoid multi packs taped together.

Trade Aid soap is packaged in recycled paper and a little waxed paper bag, it is cheap too!  Also LUSH do a great job with packaging.

If you have any liquid soap dispensers around, then they can be refilled at the Bin Inn or other bulk food stores.

Some suggestions we've had include making your own!

“My wife found it pretty easy to make soap out of old vegetable oil after we had used it for frying… Sounds a bit gross I suppose, but if you make your own soap, you can make different types: we had a special mild type which was nice for our baby’s skin, a type of soap that we used for shampoo, and another type that I used for a shaving soap. I don’t know to what degree used vegetable oil can be made into all of the above (I think we bought some fancy coconut oil and stuff - and you need to buy some glycol and things that come in glass bottles with plastic caps… But I just offer it as an idea because making your own soap is fun, and can eliminate shaving foam cans and shampoo bottles etc too…Not to mention being a good use for your old vegetable oil (I suppose it composts anyway, but there you are). You do need a bit of time and interest to make it work though." 

Amy wrote saying; "Go Native supply all natural, mostly organic, skin and body care products, a lot of 'ingredients' that you can use to make your own, as well as their 'bases to go'. I buy a bulk supply of shampoo, conditioner, flowing soap etc which all comes in paper and cardboard packaging, and recylable containers. You can then dispense into a smaller container and top up with water as they are highly highly concentrated. Chelsea and Elinor who run gonative are great at answering questions and giving advice, plus they are really committed to being low-impact."  

Rob & Heather suggest; "...we buy Knight's Castile (unperfumed, but there is a perfumed option) 25 tablets, unwrapped, 70g each, all packed in a cardboard box that can be recycled or used for mulch etc when you finally get through that much soap. I guess it's a bulk pack for motels/hotels. The soap is lanolin based and very kind to sensitive skin. We get ours at Moore Wilson, but there will be equivalent suppliers elsewhere. About $12-50 a box."


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