Menstrual products

Most women find reusable cups a comfortable and convenient way to manage menstruation. They come in different sizes and there are now a number of different brands on the market. 
There are currently 12 different brands of reusable cups and EnvironMenstruals have all of them, including a cup made in Australia, (the Juju) which for these sorts of products is buying local! In addition, they have reusable cloth pads which have been imported, sourced locally, (here in NZ), and made by them.
Ecomoon's reusable cup is the 'Lunette' and they also aim to support NZ business by having stay at home mum's producing their reusable pads. 
Based in Tasmania, Moon Pads, are a great option for our Australian readers.
Imagine not needing to buy tampons ever again!

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