For headaches, honey is surprisingly good - so is sleep and having a stress free life! Some folk have suggested to us that they’ve been pleasantly surprised to find a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary steeped in a mug of boiling water works better than two paracetamol. Take sprigs out and add a teaspoon of honey before drinking. Dispirin contains aspirin and comes in foil which can be sent to the scrap metal dealer. It also avoids the plastic wrap often found with packets of headache pills and is available in the supermarket and pharmacy.

Unfortunately, there are few rubbish free alternatives when it comes to prescribed medicine. A couple of decades ago, medicine bottles were glass and these were collected, sterilized and reused by pharmacists. Now, due to various public health laws this does not happen.

For plasters, fabric roles can be bought and then cut to the size needed.


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