Dental Floss

Gentle Floss comes in a cardboard container. The actual floss isn’t recyclable as it is nylon due to the hygiene and tensile strength needed. But it is vegan, most floss is waxed with beeswax whereas this has plant based wax. Also it avoids the standard plastic container by employing a clever cardboard based design for the box which can be recycled when empty. Available from Earthangel

It had been suggested to us that fresh strips of flax are brilliant to use as dental floss. Strip a leaf, scrape the green off the fibre with your fingernails; hygenic, antibacterial, renewable, beautiful, and the flowers attract tui to the garden too! However, Sydney wrote in to say that their experience was that the flax fibres stayed sticky even when worked ready to weaving, and in fact that had to use dental floss to remove bits of flax that got stuck between their teeth! We’d love to hear from you if you've had any further experiences to this!

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