For fruit and vegetables we avoid those nasty thin plastic bags on offer by using one of three alternatives;

  1. we made our own bags of various sizes out of old curtain netting. Rosalie wrote in to suggest reusing old onion bags for the same purpose which is a great idea - cheers!
  2. Pouch Products produce fine netting bags that are ultra light and compactable.
  3. Re-think produce organic cotton fruit and veggie bags which are super strong and a pleasure to use.
  4. Both of these bags are produced by NZ owned companies.


For general groceries we have Freeset bags which are made from jute, otherwise known as hessian or canvas bags from re-think. Many reusable bags have synthetic or plastic based material which will linger in landfills as long as the plastic bags they are supposed to replace. Freeset bags avoid this problem being made from an abundant and natural material, and in addition they are from a micro-enterprise in Kolkata employing women who wish to leave the sex trade. 


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