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There is so much happening in the New Zealand zero waste community.  Check out the links below and connect with bloggers, resources, and zero wasters near you. Sorry about the Auckland bias, it just reflects our community. Please contact us if you’d like to add to this list.

·       The Non-Plastic Maori, Tina Ngata, East Cape. Website and blog: Facebook:

·       Para Kore, resourcing marae to be zero waste,

·       Getting to Zero, a monthly e-newsletter with all the goss in the Auckland community waste scene, subscribe here:

·       Facebook: Zero Waste in NZ! closed group (started by Kristy Lorson, also noted below)

·       Pacific Vision Aotearoa, an Auckland based collective of zero waste change agents. Facebook

·       Waste Less Living, Candace Weir. Family and budget friendly, Auckland. Blog: and TV3 News Story:

·       Amanda in Waste Free Land, Auckland. Blog:

·       A Zero Waste Warrior, Kristy Lorson, Auckland.  Website and blog:

·       Plastic Compassion, Ariana Brunet, youth voice! Our Auckland article: Blog:

·       Lisa Hansby runs rubbish free workshops in Auckland. Her email is

·       A year without buying plastic, Merren Tait, Raglan NZ. Website, blog and helpful shopping guide.

·       Robin and Heather List, Masterton. These guys have been zero waste before I was even born. True pioneers

  • Hannah and Liam based in Wellington. True blue zero wasters!  These guys produced a supermarket bag of rubbish in two and a half years (and counting).  They are doing  / did a New Zealand road trip in 2017 to promote zero waste.  Listen to them on Radio NZ here: Checkout their project here: The Rubbish Trip.  and their website .  Book them in for a speaking engagement, they are on the road so chances are they are  swinging your way.  

·       Waste Free Parenting with Kate Meads also known as the Cloth Nappy Lady.

·       Tania Webb, Tania and her family thought they would never own a house, especially in the Auckland housing market, then they discovered the amazing amount of money they could save by living waste-wise.  - Check out this article to see how they saved $13,000 to meet a 5 month deadline. 

  • Plastic Diet. A youth led organisation dedicated to reducing single use plastic waste and consumption. There are groups at both  Auckland and Victoria Universties.  Email:;  Visit their website: or facebook: www.facebook/PlasticDiet. 
  • Community Recycling Network: rehoming, recycling, upcycling…and going the extra mile to help us all find the right home for our ‘unwanted-resources’.  Find your closest community recycling centre here:

·       Trash is for Tossers! By Lauren Singer, New York, USA. Not a kiwi example, but nice to have a YouTube option: YouTube channel: Website: