Pool and Spa

There's nothing better then jumping into a toasty warm spa to rest those weary bones, or a refreshing swim during a hot day, and now you can keep both of these clean and clear without unnecessary packaging. 

Heather in Petone, Wellington wrote in telling us about the pool and spa shop they've had for about 30 years. They've always been eager to encourage recycling of containers and now have a refill system in place. Customers are encouraged to bring back their containers which are subsequently refilled from the shops bulk supply. Heather said there has been a large increase in the number of people keen on this idea which is fantastic.

They're also able to supply ingrediants such as borax and washing soda for making your own cleaners as well as supplying cleaning products and disinfectants they've made themselves. 

Their shop supplies the greater Wellington area Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Wellington, Porirua to Paraparaumu and is called Clorogene Supplies Ltd.

We'd love to hear of other businesses in other parts of the country similar to this, so if you have a recommendation please let us know.

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