Newspapers are easily recycled, but they are also very handy around the home as well, so here's some ideas for your's.

  • It's easy to buy a gift bag or wrapping paper for gifts, but  getting something homemade is really special as it communicates that someone is willing to spend time as well as money on you - and often time is more valuable then money. Check out these very easy to follow instructions on how to make great gift bags out of your old newspapers!
  • Layer newspapers thickly over bare soil to serve as a weed-mat. Dampen the newspaper and then cover it with some kind of mulch and no one will know it's there and you'll get heaps of cred for a weed free garden!
  • Layering shredded newspaper in the compost helps towards providing a balanced pile which will mean lots of tasty veggies for you!
  • To clean your BBQ grill, soak newspapers in clean water before laying the sheets across the grill which has been warmed previously. Close the lid and let them soak for an hour or so before removing the paper and wiping the grill clean - cool huh!
  • Apparently green tomatoes wrapped in sheets of newspaper ripen quicker! 
  • Thanks to Jill for letting us know that she cleans her windows & mirrors with newspapers: "You fill up a bucket with water - I use cold - add a bit of vinegar and rub down your windows with the soaked newspaper. You can do this a few times and then rub it dry with newspaper. It seems to work better than the spray bottle."

We'd love to add to this list so please Contact Us with any other ideas.

photo by DRB62 via Flickr

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