Potato Chips (crisps)

Whether real or imagined, we've always felt that avoiding many of the common processed foods, due to their unsustainable packaging, we've been healthier. By and large this has been a welcome byproduct of living rubbish free, but every now and then resolve can be sorely tested as the packets of potato chips (crisps) cast their seductive powers from the retail store shelves! Whenever packaging is made from mixed material it causes major problems for recyclers due to the time, cost and energy required to separate the two, which in the case of chip packets is either plastic and foil or plastic and paper.

So what are the options? Well as it turns out, thanks to suggestions from readers of the blog, there are quite a few! 

  1. Make your own! The trick is to cut the potato into wafer thin slices, use really hot oil, and only have them in for a short amount of time or they become chewy.
  2. Popcorn can serve as a great alternative because, as one person suggested, it is just oil and salt we're tasting with chips anyway, and like potatoes you can grow your own!
  3. Instead of using potato's how about beetroot leaves or kale? Sounds a bit weird true, but they do look delicious, check them out at Little Eco Footprints.
  4. 'Pringles' brand chips come in a cardboard tubes which have a high reuse potential around the home, but can also be recycled with your paper recycling. They do have a plastic lid which is unfortunate but is recyclable in many places.
  5. I haven't seen these in NZ yet, but hopefully they're coming, or maybe Bluebird or ETA could do the same, they are Sun Chips and the packet is compostable!

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