One of less glamourous parts of dog ownership in particular is picking up after their bowel movements! These movements often seem to occur when out walking which is probably another distinguishing feature from humans! Anyway, whatever you choose to use to pick up the waste with, it is good if it can biodegrade in order to allow the waste contained to do the same - so that is where we start. We have used BioDog bags. These bags are certified biodegradable and will disappear in about 90 days in a good compost environment.

To complete the cycle it is much more preferable that the waste now contained in a biodegradable bag is allowed to compost rather then go to landfill where the lack of air will result in it contributing to the greenhouse gas methane. Putting it in with you standard compost is also not wise however as the bacteria contained can upset the balance of your compost pile as well as it being bad for humans which could happen if you use the compost in your veggie garden. The solution is to have a pet waste compost system. Essentially a hole in the ground it is easy to build your own, or you may want to check out one of these systems. Whatever way you do it the resulting hummus created is great for ornamental plants and gardens.

Thanks to Nikki who emailed saying; "I have a three tier worm farm that feeds on 99% doggy doo. This emits no smell and the worms do a brilliant job breaking it down into great fertiliser for the garden. Just make sure if you are worming your dog however that you do not put the doggy doo in the worm farm for three weeks as this could kill the farm."


Where possible try and buy food in bulk. We bought dry food for our dog from the Bin Inn which worked out really well. Another idea is to make your own food with some folk making a good argument for a raw food diet. Just make sure that your pet gets all the nutrients they need with a guideline being 40% protein, 30% vegetables, 30% carbohydrates.

Kitty Litter

A lot of kitty litter apparently contains clay which doesn't biodegrade easily, so instead look for alternatives such as recycled newspaper or untreated wood shavings. advance for contacting us to let us know of any other ideas or comments you'd like to add to this page. We're sure there is lots more to be written on keeping our pets rubbish free. 

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