Thank you to Liz from Upper Hutt for the following email and recipe: 

I too struggle with not being able to recycle plastics in numbers over 2, which yoghurts in 1 kg pots come in 5s and the small yoghurts are just the same. Easi yo sachets - come in a waxed sachet, and are no good either. My husband is Indian, and all his friends and family make yoghurt the traditional way - which is very natural and very yummy. I tried it several times, and went to Google for help. Boil 600ml of milk or so, let it cool down until it is warm to the touch. Add 2-4tablespoons of live active 'starter' yoghurt, and stir through. Now this semi yoghurt has to get warm again to sour and to thicken. On a summers day some people have reported sitting the container in the back of their car. I have tried the hot airing cupboard, but when that had not been hot enough, I put the bowl in a sink full of hot water.

Aden is yet to try this link, but thanks heaps for sending it in. This website provides instructions on making yoghurt in a slow cooker, cool huh!

Also, thanks to Andrea for sending this suggestion in:

Have you tried Caspian Sea yoghurt? I've made yoghurt for years and just discovered this stuff. My goodness. Put some cold, un-heated milk in a jar, pour in some Caspian Sea yoghurt (1 part yoghurt to 9 parts milk), leave it at room temperature for 24 hours and you have fantastic yoghurt. Apparently it's very probiotic too. Leaves easiyo for dead. I bought mine here. And once you have some you can give it free to heaps of friends!


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