Try making your own by mixing 4tsps of baking soda, 1tsp of salt, and peppermint essence to taste. It can be a bit intense until you get used to it, however our teeth have never felt so clean! It is a good idea to rinse your mouth with plenty of water prior to brushing with this paste.

Another great recipe was sent to us from Cathy who found it at pigs,tits and parsley sauce. It adds glycerine to the above recipe, so is: 1Tsp baking soda, 1Tsp glycerine, 1tsp salt, and peppermint essence to taste. Cathy was able to buy a large jar of glycerine at an Asian food market.
There is quite a debate going on as to the various pros and cons of fluoride, so if your water supply doesn’t have fluoride added you may, or may not, want to purchase fluoride tablets from the pharmacy. They are about $10 for 100 tablets.

Weleda, a natural health company, has toothpaste in a metal tube. When finished, open it up, give it a clean and add it to your scrap metal pile. Available at whole-food stores. 

Weleda Toothpaste in a metal tube

Thanks to Megan for letting us know that Lush have now released solid toothpaste in the form of tablets! Simply chew a tablet and then brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush. The packaging is just a cardboard box. You can check them out on Lush's website 

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