Skin Care & Beauty Products

Check for recyclable packaging. Use less? Google what Cleopatra used? Ask your grandma?

For moisturiser, soap, lip balms, deodorant etc it could be a good idea to support small, local business often found in the local market. For example Country Creams have a stall every week at Riccarton market in Christchurch and the woman who runs it is very happy for customers to return their containers.

Otherwise try and buy in bulk, with recyclable containers.

One woman wrote to us and said she doesn’t use anything on her face except water and cucumber peel! “With summer coming it is a great way to cool off and great for your skin too. Whenever I peel cucumber I just stick bits of peel all over my face and on the back of my neck. If you try it you will see where the saying “Cool as a cucumber” comes from. Just remember to remove it first if someone comes to the door”

Thanks to Amy who wrote; "Go Native supply all natural, mostly organic, skin and body care products, a lot of 'ingredients' that you can use to make your own, as well as their 'bases to go'. I buy a bulk supply of shampoo, conditioner, flowing soap etc which all comes in paper and cardboard packaging, and recylable containers. You can then dispense into a smaller container and top up with water as they are highly highly concentrated. Chelsea and Elinor who run gonative are great at answering questions and giving advice, plus they are really committed to being low-impact."

Lush has a great range of skin care products that come in great packaging and even better ingredients.
M.A.C. encourages people to recycle their old makeup containers by returning six empties and receiving a free lipstick. They have a store in Wellington, or alternatively you can buy through their website.


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