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Ditch your rubbish bin!

Rubbish, trash, garbage - whatever you call it - we want to help you stop it!

  • Practical Advice: check out the Guide for over 85 articles (& growing) on how to be rubbish free
  • Blog: a regular musing on our recent thoughts and discoveries as we muddle our way along on this journey
  • Presenting: information on how to have one or both of us come to your group or organisation to talk about our journey, or workshop on your specific issues.

There are now estimated to be 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square kilometre of every ocean in the world, and in the past 25 years in NZ, we've increased what we throw away by 73%. If we put our waste onto a rugby field we'd have a pile 30 stories high - every month!

In 2008 we completed a Rubbish Free Year in which we only created 2kg of rubbish from our home. You can read more about that here. We continue to live rubbish free and are keen to pool our knowledge with others to make it as easy as possible for all of us to reduce the waste from our homes and offices. 

So, explore the A - Z Guide for ideas and suggestions and please send any tips you have to us here so we can share them with everyone, read our blog for our latest ideas and discoveries, or if you'd like us to come and speak with your group or organisation check here for information about that.

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Recent additions to the Rubbish Free Guide


I know you've heard it before, but it really is easy to bake your own bread! If you're really not into it, there's a couple of other alternatives.


This was the hardest thing for us to give up for the Rubbish Free Challenge...so we didn't!


Anyone else a big fan of fruit salads with a bit of vanilla ice cream?

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Recent Blog Posts

Psychology for a better world

I find it very easy to slip into disillusionment when it comes to the reckless, irresponsible and naive ways in which our species is interacting with this world. This week I read an article in The Herald suggesting that with record Arctic ice melting many scientists believe that the worst case scenario predictions regarding climate […] ... read more.

Closing down sale!

Change is afoot at Rubbish Free! Just over two years ago we rehashed the Rubbish Free website to try and make it easier for folk to reduce the amount of landfill rubbish leaving their homes. We did this by adding the Rubbish Free Guide, a searchable database of ideas and tips on reducing landfill rubbish and […] ... read more.

Rubbish photos…um, I mean, Photos of Rubbish!

This week I came across the Plastic Is Rubbish blog. Based out of the UK these guys are trying to live without plastic and blogging about it, but they also have set up a Flickr account with beautiful, but disturbing, photos of rubbish in nature, like this one; They are eager to gather more images, […] ... read more.