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Welcome to a great place to find support for living a life without rubbish

  • Find practical advice in the Guide. There are almost one hundred articles on specific items. 
  • Explore the Blog that took us on a journey from zero knowledge to zero waste. The blog is mostly from 2008, the year we challenged ourselves to live for one year without rubbish. 
  • Link in with bloggers, workshops, pinterest and facebook in the 'Speaking' page.  Zero Waste is officially snow balling!  
  • Shop at the online store until end April 2017. The online store is owned and operated by the Waikato Environment Centre and they have now launched an online store on their own website. You can start shopping at the new online store now (http://www.envirocentre.org.nz/page/eco-shop/)


Good luck on your journey, 

Waveney and Matthew of Aotearoa, New Zealand. 



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Recent additions to the Rubbish Free Guide


I know you've heard it before, but it really is easy to bake your own bread! If you're really not into it, there's a couple of other alternatives.


This was the hardest thing for us to give up for the Rubbish Free Challenge...so we didn't!


Anyone else a big fan of fruit salads with a bit of vanilla ice cream?

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Recent additions to the Store

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EcoLife Biodegradable Potty
ECOtanka Sports 800ml sports lid
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Recent Blog Posts

Zero Waste Workshop in Auckland!

Hi there, I (Waveney) have a ‘how to live rubbish free’ workshop coming up on Sunday the 20th of March 2016. It’s a real hands on, half day workshop, with small numbers guaranteed. It’s the first time I’ve offered such a practically focused learning session and I am really excited about it because I reckon […] ... read more.

Waveney’s speech at the inaugural Theories of Change conference

What’s your theory on the steps involved in creating a just world where people and nature can flourish? Recently I was asked to give a 15 minute talk on just that and it certainly got me thinking. The speech was for the Theories of Change Hui held at Auckland University in February. It was a […] ... read more.

Rubbish Free with kids!

We did our challenge 8 years ago. Over that time, I couldn’t count the number of times parents have been impressed with our “one year one bag” achievement until they learn that we don’t have children. “You have no idea” they say. “You should try taking on my two-year-old.” Any sense of environmental inferiority is […] ... read more.