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ECOtanka Supa 1.2ltr - sports lid

These bottles save rubbish by eliminating the need to purchase plastic water bottles. Reusing is always better then recycling and sadly most plastic water bottles don't get recycled anyway.

Supa tankas are extra large drink bottles. They hold a volume of 1.2 litres, equivalent to about four large glasses. They are ultra light and measure approximately 230mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area.

ECOtankas are very easy to care for, simply wash and rinse as you would your dishes, or place in the dishwasher. Alternatively, baking soda and warm water can be used to cleanse and freshen your bottle. They may be steralised with boiling water but they are best kept out of the freezer.

For a drink that stays cool for hours in the summer, fill your bottle with ice cubes and top with water. All ECOtanka bottles have a special wide mouth, allowing ice cubes to be used for an instant cold drink.

All ECOtankas are solid 304 high quality stainless steel food grade and have a 1 year warranty against faulty manufacturing.