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ECOtanka Mangopare 800ml sports lid

These bottles save rubbish by eliminating the need to purchase plastic water bottles. Reusing is always better then recycling and sadly most plastic water bottles don't get recycled anyway.

Sports tankas are the most popular of the ECOtanka range. They hold a volume of 800mls (three regular sized glasses), are ultra light and measure approximately 230mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area.

It comes with the following text description printed on the back of the bottle:

Mangopare (Mah-ngo-pah-re) is Maori for "Hammerhead Shark"; It represents
Strength, Durability & Resiliance
In this design the Mangopare is depicted leaping out of the water. The ocean has always been a dominant force for the Maori people, who travelled great distances in their canoes and had a huge respect for the creatures of the sea.  You will often see the hammerhead design in Maori patterns, particularly in the beautiful rafters of the meeting houses on the Marae.

The Mangopare bottle is available in the popular 800ml sports size, furnishing a volume of 800mls (three regular sized glasses).  This ECOtanka will fit into most standard bottle holders, measuring approximately 230mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area.

ECOtankas are ultra light and durable, they are not lined with any material and they do not break down or leach in any way. They are completely safe and non-toxic. A 1-year warranty is also offered against faulty manufacturing. Fluids can be changed from a juice or sports drink back to water, and there is no tainting or after taste. Drinks from an ECOtanka always taste beautifully clean and fresh, and the stainless holds them cooler for longer periods of time.