Week 26 – Oral Health

Sometimes it feels a bit like we are locked in some epic struggle in our efforts to transform the bathroom into a rubbish free zone. We have won many battles: cleaning products, soap, shampoo and shaving to name a few, but the battle over oral health is still raging! This week I went to the […]

Week 16 – dollars and cents

We often get asked whether it is working out to be financially advantageous living in a way that avoids landfill rubbish. It is a difficult question to answer as we don’t have a baseline from which to compare. We were living in Canada for a year prior to starting the challenge, where we found the […]

Planning the challenge

Welcome to our first blog. When we first decided to commit to a year of living without creating any rubbish I assumed the going would get tough when we started, but the last couple of months have been so full of a myriad of little preparations that I find myself hoping that living rubbish free […]