Week 23 – All around the world

One of the statements I am never quite sure how to take, when talking to people about our rubbish free challenge, is “…you guys just seem so normal.” Without getting into a psychoanalytic discussion of ‘what is normal’, we have intuitively felt that we are relatively normal, a feeling that has been reinforced recently with […]

January Trial

We are now in our trial month. We put our rubbish bin outside in the shed. The first time I found it irriating was when I went to put a piece of dental floss in it (still don’t have an alternative to dental floss). Spent ages pouring through recipe books trying to find things we […]

Researching Alternatives

In the lead up to the Rubbish Free Year challenge we are of course trying to create as little rubbish as possible, but there is a persistent myriad of mostly plasticy things filling our bin. The following catergorises the offending items into food, toiletries, stationery and misc. Looking at both the problem and the solution. […]