Week 14 – plain sailing

The rubbish free challenge is working out to be a lot easier than we expected, in fact it has become so normal for us its kind of gone off our radar. Because of this we have decided to blog every second week rather than every week. The ease of the challenge certainly has come as […]

Jan 19 Post

Yesterday we went to Bin Inn and did a mammoth shop. I have been lamenting all the extra time needed to shop for food at various local stores when I realized that all of the stuff we buy at Bin Inn are dry goods. So yesterday we bought enough for a month. Hopefully. We bought […]

Researching Alternatives

In the lead up to the Rubbish Free Year challenge we are of course trying to create as little rubbish as possible, but there is a persistent myriad of mostly plasticy things filling our bin. The following catergorises the offending items into food, toiletries, stationery and misc. Looking at both the problem and the solution. […]