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Well, that was a Plastic Free July…

Well we made it through Plastic Free July. I think the overall verdict was that it was fun (could it be that we need to get out more?) and that we are getting soft in our old age. To that end, I can recommend not attempting to do Plastic Free July and Dry July at the same time. I heard of one person attempting this and it sounded intense!   (Definitely not the month to host the party of the year).

The fun part of the plastic free challenge was that we ended up knowing quite a few people that were doing it, it was like all these closet hard-core Rubbish Free Junkies came out oIMG_6228f nowhere to give it a whirl. And I don’t know why but I find it fun to challenge myself, actually I do know what it is. It’s satisfying. No one wants to feel like a chump and living with all this environmental nonsense can quietly wear us down. Putting a bit of effort in and winning probably releases all the same endorphins as running around after a ball. Plastic Free – power to me.

As for getting a bit soft, as I mentioned last blog, we still went for some convenient personal hygiene and health items. This made all the difference because baking soda toothpaste now makes me miserable. We also bought plastic wrapped organic lemons and bananas from the supermarket. I did try and get some lemons off my neighbour’s tree, she was overseas and said to help myself but I couldn’t navigate the high tech gate.

Today I bought my Vogels bread again. First official single use plastic act of August.


«     Well, that was a Plastic Free July…     »


  1. Sarah, August 24, 2015:

    I have gotten so many ideas from your website about going rubbish free! We have already halved the amount of rubbish we put out each week, and are still working on improving. Thank you :)