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Kid’s parties – help!

We recently received an email from Georgina asking;

i wondered if any of your readers would have suggestions for a rubbish free childrens party? Reusable plates etc are easy.

The hard part is the compulory goody bag (it really is) which usually has a) way too may sweets and b) loads of really throaway plasticy toys (laser lights (v cool), water pistols, random toys that come in packs of ten and break the first time you use them etc etc)

I tried using little notepads and pens last year but really its the plastic that was popular with the 6 year olds

The stuff that comes home from parties usually ends up in landfill within a week.

So what can I do that it is reasonably green and likely to be popular with kids?

We have information in the Guide on Parties and Children but it’d be good to get some specific rubbish free information on Children’s Parties – Can you help?

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