Spring update

Well, I hope like us you’re enjoying the signs that Spring is well and truly here! We’ve got lots of seeds planted which seem to get moved ten times a day; inside overnight, out into the sun in the morning, under the porch when it starts bucketing down, out into the sun…good ol’ Auckland weather!

ALL AROUND THE WORLD Over the past wee while we’ve become aware that there are lots of folk doing great things to reduce the amount of rubbish they create in their homes. In the US Bea Johnson has a Zero Waste Home, Adam & Amy have completed a Green Garbage Project in Oregon, Jen Metz in Hawaii has just finished her Trash Free Year, Beth Terry continues to blog about her Plastic Free Life in San Francisco, and over in the UK ‘Mrs Green’ and her family have My Zero Waste which chronicles their efforts. Closer to home, huge congratulations go to Robin and Heather List from Masterton (that’s Rob in the picture) who on the 24th of August, put out one, (not very full), Council bag of their rubbish from a whole year! Currently, Julz and some friends in Christchurch are trying to do 40 Days without Waste. It is part of larger self-challenge to commit to doing something for forty days, there blog is also a great example of some fantastic writing! We’re going to add all these to the Links Page, and so if you know of any others please let us know.

HANDBOOK It’s been off the shelves for a little while, but we’re proud to say our ’10 Steps to Living Rubbish Free’ handbook is available again! This is a second edition and we’re confident that we’ve got rid of all the little typos sullying the first edition, so much so, if you find one we’ll refund the shipping cost!

GLASS The latest page to be added to the Rubbish Free Guide, the page on glass outlines why you can’t put your broken glass, or window glass, in with your curbside recycling. Unfortunately it also outlines why there really isn’t too many alternatives then the landfill. It is written with a very strong Auckland bias, and you may know something we don’t, so please feel free to inform us and we’ll update the page.

NOVEMBER SPECIAL If we needed an excuse I suppose we could say it is to welcome in Spring, or it is my birthday, but I don’t think we do. All we need to do is tell you that for November our Freeset Bags Grocery Bags are available for the low price of $4.95! Usually $7.95 these great bags are strong, light and made of jute, a quick growing plant found in abundance in India. Freeset offers alternative employment to many women and girls working in the sex industry in Kolkata. Eco friendly + social justice = a feel good deal!


Matthew & Waveney