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Umbrellas…yep, I’m really going to write about umbrellas!

On Friday, while walking from the bus stop to work, I overheard an astute young high school student observe that umbrellas and wind don’t seem well matched. It was bucketing down at the time and his companion’s umbrella had just turned inside out. I have to admit, that it was with a certain amount of smugness that I tightened my grip on our umbrella and continued my daily pilgrimige impervious to the rain falling around me.

My smugness was probably a sub-conscious attempt at self soothing, because our umbrella cost us about $120! After observing numerous umbrellas in city rubbish bins destined for landfill on a rainy day a month ago, we resolved to buy the best umbrella we could and as such the Blunt Umbrella entered our lives.

Designed and owned by a Kiwi who was sick of the disposable nature of umbrellas, Blunt has been getting plenty of media interest, even making into the TV news. In Blunt’s words; “A major flaw of conventional umbrella design is that in even light winds the fabric can tear away from a tip or comes away from the ribs. When this happens, the whole structure collapses and the umbrella heads straight to the landfill.

The Blunt solution is a uniquely tensioned canopy combined with a flatter aerodynamic profile. This revolution in umbrella design also eliminates any sharp edges and weak points.”

We’ll let you know how it goes, but judging from Friday’s outing I think we’re onto a winner!

«     Umbrellas…yep, I’m really going to write about umbrellas!     »


  1. cedar51, July 24, 2011:

    for an even better option – buy a raincoat

  2. Waveney, July 25, 2011:

    Yeah, good idea…although it is a bit tricky fitting two in a raincoat :)