We’re ditching the car!

Recently I’ve been reading a book called; ‘What’s Mine Is Yours: The rise of collaborative consumption’. In it, Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers outline the increasing phenomenon of sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping.
What's Mine Is Yours
Not being ones to miss out on the action we’ve decided to jump on board and give it a go…we’ve sold the car! Waveney and I live in downtown Auckland, catch buses to work where cars are available if we need them for our jobs during the day, and so we figured it’s never going to be easier then now to go car free in NZ. By the time we rent a car park, ($50/week), fuel (avg $60/week), insurance, warrant of fitness, registration and maintenance we worked out that it was costing us around $150/week to have our car! So, we’ve sold the car and are now putting that $150/week into a separate ‘car account’, and will withdraw from that account when we need to rent a car.

Yep, we’re not so saintly that we’ll never drive anywhere, we’re just going to try and do it collaboratively! We’ve signed up for CityHop, the NZ version of ZipCar. Basically, you pay $65 to join up for six months. Whenever you need a car you either phone, or go online, and book it for however long you need it. It is $15/hour which includes fuel and insurance, and between 6pm – 8am it is just $30 all up. When the time comes to pick up the car, you simply walk up to it, swipe your card over a reader on the windscreen and the car unlocks. Inside you’ll find the keys and away you go. Once you’re done you simply return it and walk away. There are cars located at different spots around the city, and lucky for us one is right at the bottom of our building, in fact it is a lot closer then our old car park which was a couple of blocks away. For weekend trips we’ll rent from a traditional car rental agency.

It’s early days, but so far we’re breaking even. Last week we put our $150 in the bank and today I just spent $95 renting a car for one day this weekend to get to a friend’s birthday out of town, by the time we pay for petrol it should be bang on. Stay tuned to hear how we go!




  1. David Clark, May 30, 2011:

    Hi good one you guy’s I see CityHop has made it to Christchurch what a great concept! Be interesting to see how it all goes for you.

  2. Robbo, May 30, 2011:

    Good work! I have not had a car now for about 10 years and only on slim occasions have I missed not having one. There are always cars to borrow if you need one anyway.

  3. Ciaran, June 2, 2011:

    Hey guys, the next great adventure! Good luck to you both! Lizzie and I have had a great year of going car-free although it, and the blog, did get sidetracked a bit by the ol’ EQ. Anyway, pleased to hear you’re actively setting aside the $$ you save – and using them for rentals – it’s my one regret that we didn’t track it better – even though early on in the blog we did the budgeting/cost+benefit analysis. Anyway, no matter what happens for us here on in, we’ve changed and learnt much – and linked up with so many great like-minded folks world-wide. I look forward to hearing about your experiences too.

  4. Waveney, June 7, 2011:

    Thanks heaps Ciaran! We’ve been following your blog, (in complete awe of your fantastic writing skills), and will be going back over it for ideas as we head down this new road, so to speak – thanks for the encouragement :)

  5. Kathleen Clare, July 6, 2011:

    Hello you two. Just want to make three comments. I love your website it is so easy for me (a not computer savvy person) to negotiate. I enjoy your down to earth blogs and your honesty. Great. I am really impressed with the Green Cane toilet paper and I feel quite virtuous using it! Now finally, the sandwich wraps THEY ARE FANTASTIC, not only have I eliminated other wrappings, but it becomes my place mat, or lap mat when I am eating! They wipe and wash easily. I trust they are very popular? Everyone who takes a home made lunch to work should have one.. or two ( depending on the size of your lunch!) I use the sandwich pocket to carry my boiled eggs. Well done guys for making a difference in the world and encouraging us to do the same.

  6. Waveney, September 12, 2011:

    UPDATE: We’ve moved out to the suburbs where being car free suddenly got a whole lot harder! So a car has re-entered our lives. It felt like we faced up to our fears and did it any way during our short time without one, and when the opportunity arises again we’ll grab it.