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NZ’s Best & Worst Packaging Awards 2011

This is a fantastic idea! The crew at Wanaka Wastebusters have come up with a way for folk to nominate the best, and more importantly, worst, examples of packaging in NZ, at unpackit.org.nz. So, nows the time to vent all your frustration with overpackaged fruit wraps, (what’s wrong with fresh fruit?), and eggplants on styrofoam trays. At the same time ,you might want to applaud, (warning: shameless self promotion coming up), these responsibly packaged toothbrushes! You’ve got till midnight 20th March to get your nominations in.

This is part of a wider project that the Wanaka Wastebusters are involved in called Demystifying Packaging Choices. The overall goal of the project is to raise awareness about the issue of packaging waste and to help people to choose the best forms of packaging so they can reduce, reuse and recycle. They’ve already conducted a survey on the packaging choices people make, have created a web resource to help with these choices, are running these awards along with a national roadshow, and will finally follow up with another survey to see if its all made any difference to the choices people make.

In the past we’ve blogged about the frustration of having to look out for greenwashing. No doubt we’ve all seen examples of it, well when looking around the Unpackit website I stumbled across this wee gem – the Seven Sins of Greenwashing. It outlines seven ways of critiquing a product to ensure you don’t spend your eco-dollar unwisely.

You’ll be able to follow the results of Unpackit’s competition on their website, and we’ll also keep you up to date with any developments.

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