Love your Coast

This week the ‘Love Your Coast’ campaign is kicking off with 1500 volunteers heading to Rangitoto today to pick up rubbish along the coastline and is supported by Jack Johnson. The campaign is aimed at cleaning rubbish from Aotearoa’s coastline as well as raising awareness of the huge impact rubbish is having on our coastline particularly as we head into summer. Tomorrow there’ll be a clean up in Wellington, Christchurch on Wednesday and the West Coast on Thursday, so if you are in these areas and have some time you might want to get involved.

After hearing about the Love Your Coast campaign my eyes were suddenly opened to a number of organisations working to clear rubbish from the coastline. The Waitemata Clean Up Trust has been going since 2002 and have since collected 2.5 million litres of rubbish, which is at least 60 shipping containers! There’s also Sustainable Coastlines and Keep NZ Beautiful.

Its awesome that these campaigns and organisations are out there doing this work. From looking at their websites and videos, it appears that the majority of the rubbish gets into the harbours and waterways via the storm water network. Obviously, its important to keep rubbish out of these systems, but the best solution is to avoid having the rubbish in the first place!

We’ve had some great ideas on how the Lyttelton Winter Light Festival can avoid using glowsticks. The best suggestion so far is from Freedom in Christchurch who suggested making lamps from a small glass jar, with a tee light candle inside, tied to a bamboo stick with wire. Freedom confessed to it not actually being her idea and said she remembers buying one at the festival a number of years ago. I suspect they may have been fazed out in favour of glowsticks due to the danger of children dropping them and glass smashing on the streets, not to mention a lighted candle going flying, but I’ll discuss it with Julie at the Lyttelton Time Bank. Thanks for the ideas and please keep them coming!