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Eat lunch then brush your teeth Rubbish Free!

This week we received our latest shipment of bamboo toothbrushes, and we’ve now got three types in the Store! The original brush has been rebranded as ‘soft’ and is joined by a ‘child soft’ version with a shorter handle. The third brush is a ‘medium’ bristle brush for those who like a bit more firmness when brushing their teeth. The bamboo used is of a different type to that consumed by Pandas and therefore does not threaten their food supply, whilst also being a sustainable material. The bristles themselves are synthetic being made from Nylon 4, a biodegradable nylon, and the brushes come in paper based packaging. So, you can throw the brush in the compost to break down if you like and the packaging can go out with your paper recycling.

The other addition to the Rubbish Free Store this week is a range of stainless steel containers from LunchBot. Like the water bottles we have available, these are also made from the highest quality food grade stainless steel available (304) and come in a range of sizes. We’ve been using the Eco box for about six months and it is going great! We’ve used it for storing meat in the freezer, holding leftovers, and of course as a lunch box and it is showing no signs of aging. The thing we really like about stainless steel is that it doesn’t retain any of the flavours from previous items stored in the container and there is no risk of chemicals leaching onto our food. Also it is a great example of a reusable item, that when it has eventually done it’s dash, is recyclable.

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  1. River Lewis, January 30, 2011:

    Have never heard about the biodegradable toothbrush until today! thanks! I will have to keep an eye out for these, although it will end the era of my musical chairs (toothbrushes crowning the chair’s back that are tuned for twanging.) Keep up the good work! River