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Anyone got some spare sheep kidney fat?

Today I’m fighting a cold. I woke with a sore throat and as the morning has progressed it has been joined by a slightly runny nose, slightly achy muscles, and a slightly fuzzy brain. It’s like a kind of scale, after ‘slightly’ comes ‘moderately’ and then it peaks with ‘really’. So, four vitamin C tablets and a couple of cloves of raw garlic later I find myself lying on the couch reading through an old book my mother came across. I guess it dates from many, many moons ago and it makes the following suggestion regarding a cure for colds;

“Get the hard fat from around a sheep’s kidney and grate 1 teaspoon. Put in a cup and pour hot milk over, sweeten to taste with sugar or, if preferred, salt and pepper to taste. This is a splendid cure for an obstinate cold, with cough, or is very good to build anyone up after illness. It is pleasant to take, like rich, creamy milk”

The same book also has other handy hints such as; “If, when cutting fresh bread, you frequently dip the bread knife in boiling water, the bread will not crumble.” and “When roasting meat put a small teaspoonful of sugar in a corner of the baking tin. It will ensure a good supply of gravy.” Or for those who reside in cooler climes the helpful tip that; “A little common salt added to the last rinsing water when washing prevents the clothes freezing on the line.”

Now, where to get some sheep kidney fat…

«     Anyone got some spare sheep kidney fat?     »