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Here’s some challenges for you – with prizes!

Jules is the co-ordinator of the Lyttelton Time Bank and she has issued the Rubbish Free Community with a challenge! Every year the Time Bank helps with two street festivals, one is summer and the other in winter. We have thoroughly enjoyed the winter one when living in Christchurch as there is an emphasis on it being a Festival of Light. Following this last winter event however, Jules said she received some constructive criticism regarding their decision to sell glow sticks as a fundraising item.

According to Wikipedia, “Glow sticks contain hydrogen peroxide¬†and phenol¬†is produced as a by-product.” The wiki entry also goes on to say that, “Because the product is a one-time use device and is made from plastic, and because of the number sold, the device is considered to have a high environmental impact for purely recreational entertainment. The toxic internal substances, if released, are also damaging to the environment.”

So, an alternative is needed, and this is where the Rubbish Free Community swings into action! Jules has challenged us to come up with an alternative light emiting source, which they can sell at next year’s Winter Street Festival by way of a fundraiser for the Time Bank. Any improvement on the glow stick would be great and an ideal solution would be something able to be reused, composted or recycled with relatively non-toxic ingredients.

Challenge number two comes from an email we received from Irenee wondering whether we know of a source of either rice or oat milk where the packaging can be reused or recycled. We don’t, but if it exists we know someone reading this will be able to tell us about it! Unfortunately the only brands Irenee has been able to find use tetra-paks which, due to the multiple media involved in their construction, are very difficult to recycle. She is unable to drink soy or cow’s milk but would really like to find a environmentally lighter way of consuming the alternatives.

To up the stakes, we’ll give the person with the best suggestion for the Street Festival light a free box of 12 bamboo toothbrushes valued at $45, and for the person who can solve the ‘rice or oat milk in recyclable packaging riddle’ you’ll receive two free toothbrushes valued at $9. Click here to submit your winning ideas!

«     Here’s some challenges for you – with prizes!     »


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