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So long 2010!

Wow, what a year! When the year began neither Waveney or I had any idea what it held, as we loaded up the car and moved north to Auckland from our hometown, Christchurch. After a few false starts, it is ending with both of us working in paid employment we love, and a new and […]

Eat lunch then brush your teeth Rubbish Free!

This week we received our latest shipment of bamboo toothbrushes, and we’ve now got three types in the Store! The original brush has been rebranded as ‘soft’ and is joined by a ‘child soft’ version with a shorter handle. The third brush is a ‘medium’ bristle brush for those who like a bit more firmness […]

Love your Coast

This week the ‘Love Your Coast’ campaign is kicking off with 1500 volunteers heading to Rangitoto today to pick up rubbish along the coastline and is supported by Jack Johnson. The campaign is aimed at cleaning rubbish from Aotearoa’s coastline as well as raising awareness of the huge impact rubbish is having on our coastline […]