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Juliet’s gard…sorry…Waveney’s garden, has aphids! Who knew that aphids could reach the 33rd floor, but there they are, crawling all over the lettuces in particular and having a good ol’ time. Apparently aphids are spread by the wind, so I guess that explains them finding Nirvana up here, and they are one of the most […]

Anyone got some spare sheep kidney fat?

Today I’m fighting a cold. I woke with a sore throat and as the morning has progressed it has been joined by a slightly runny nose, slightly achy muscles, and a slightly fuzzy brain. It’s like a kind of scale, after ‘slightly’ comes ‘moderately’ and then it peaks with ‘really’. So, four vitamin C tablets […]

A Juliet Garden

I love the creativity real estate agents show when listing properties, and I wasn’t disappointed to hear that our balcony is affectionately called a ‘Juliet Balcony’. Presumably, its because there is just enough room for Juliet to stand on to call down to her lover. If he did manage to scale the 33 floors to […]

Here’s some challenges for you – with prizes!

Jules is the co-ordinator of the Lyttelton Time Bank and she has issued the Rubbish Free Community with a challenge! Every year the Time Bank helps with two street festivals, one is summer and the other in winter. We have thoroughly enjoyed the winter one when living in Christchurch as there is an emphasis on […]