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Probably the most commonly asked question, in relation to our trying to live rubbish free, is; ‘what is the most difficult part’. Up until now I’ve generally answered either, ‘being prepared for spontaneity, such as the impromptu bbq on a Sunday afternoon’, or ‘nachos’. But that was because the real answer was much too difficult […]

Just give me some space!

Since moving to Auckland, Waveney and I’ve been housesitting which has been heaps of fun. However, with summer approaching we’re keen to get away ourselves during the weekends so are now looking for a place to rent. We’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about the best place to live considering where we work, […]

‘I have a bag thanks’

I, (Waveney), just popped down the road to get some rolls for lunch.  I went to Bakers Delight and, as is habit, took my own bag.  I asked the teenage girl serving if she would mind using my bag.  She looked utterly confused, like I had just asked her if she minded using a can […]