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New packaging for our toothbrushes!

We are wrapt to announce a change in the…ah…wrapping…of our bamboo toothbrushes! The brushes are now contained within a light paper wrapper and inserted into an unbleached cardboard box. The pack of 12 also come in an unbleached cardboard box. The packaging can either be recycled with your paper recycling, composted, however, I find the […]

A Weekend in Nelson

Its not every Sunday evening that I think, ‘well that was a cracker of weekend’, but it was this one! I’ve just got back from spending the weekend in sunny Nelson, which while being the obvious couplet, is also extremely true – they predicted rain each day of the 10th Annual Nelson EcoFest and on […]

Rubbish Free Hair Care!

It’s been a long time since I, Waveney, blogged – but I want to tell you all about my hair!  During our Rubbish Free Year I felt that nice, expensive salon shampoos and conditioners were ‘permissible’ – partly because I had chosen brands with hard plastic containers that can be recycled at kerbside, but mostly […]

Statistically Speaking

Statistics aren’t always useful, as Des McHale observed with, “The average human being has one breast and one testicle.” However, today I’ve come across two statistical announcements which seem very much more useful. The Christchurch City Council have released information on waste collected and processed for the year ending 1st July 2010 which you can […]