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The 10th annual Nelson Eco Show – & we’re going!

Apparently the Nelson Eco Show is one of the largest environmental events held in NZ for environmental products, services and messages, and not only are we going to check it out, we’re going to have our own stand there! If you’re in Nelson over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of August, and end […]

SIFT – Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust

Did you know that… in Canterbury alone, around 25 million styrofoam meat and vegetable trays head to landfill each year! there is a new scheme in Canterbury whereby farmers are given the opportunity to recycle agricultural plastic waste such as the plastic wrapping around silage bales with it being turned into recycling bins amongst other […]

Rubbish Free dogs!

Rencently we added the category ‘Pets‘ to the Guide which got us to thinking about the issues of disposing of dog poo rubbish free – so, new to the store this week are Biodegradable Dog Bags! We haven’t chosen to stock biodegradable plastic bags lightly. Biodegradable plastic can seem like a great alternative to standard […]

‘Rubbish Free Couple’ loving a rubbish collection…what the?

We’ve just had the opportunity to witness firsthand Auckland’s inorganic rubbish collection. We’ve been hearing about it for years and this past weekend the area in which we are currently housesitting, Birkenhead, was scheduled for collection – and we love what we saw! The idea is that it provides an opportunity for people to have […]

Appliances & Batteries

Thanks to Ellen and Eric two categories were updated this week – Appliances and Batteries! Ellen wrote in letting us know what she and her partner have been doing in their workplaces to help people get their spent batteries to the right place; “We converted two old cardboard boxes by making a slit on top […]

Potato chips – help!

One of the health benefits of living rubbish free is by default avoiding many of the common processed foods due to their unsustainable packaging. By and large this has been a welcome byproduct, but every now and then my resolve is sorely tested as the packets of potato chips (crisps) tempt me with their salty […]