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Rubbish free hydration!

Waveney and I have been using stainless steel water bottles for a few years now and would never go back for a few reasons. Firstly, although many plastic water bottles are recyclable, in the same way rock beats scissors in paper, scissors, rock, reducing and reusing both beat recycling.  Recycling obviously beats landfill in the […]

Rubbish Free Pets!

This weeks winner of a 3-pack of Rethink reusable produce bags is Andreas who suggested adding information on keeping pets rubbish free to the guide, and provided a couple of links. I can’t believe we didn’t have a page on the topic already! Well done Andreas! So, here is a link to the latest addition […]

Latest additions to the guide; bedroom & bathroom

This weeks winner of a 3 pack of Rethink’s awesome reusable produce bags is Aimee who submitted two links to the guide. She let us know about InNature who manufacturer organic bedding including pillows, duvet inners, sheets and mattresses in Auckland which Aimee testifying to there being no plastic in their packaging with recycled cardboard […]

Rubbish Free enters mainstream America!

According to an article in the NZ Herald yesterday, living a rubbish free lifestyle is becoming more and more popular within mainstream America. Bea Johnson lives in Marin County, California and has been living ‘zero-waste’ and blogging about her experiences. In the article Bea says; “Before it was tree-hugging hippies who washed and reused their […]

Congratulations Jodee and Liz!

We’ve had a great first week with our new site and really appreciate all the emails of support and encouragement – cheers! The ideas for the guide are flowing and 3-packs of reusable rethink produce bags are destined for Jodee and Liz who made two additions each to the guide. We love Jodee’s idea of […]

Oil & Packaging

Post consumer and waste, (landfills and the like), has always only been part of the motivation for us following a rubbish free lifestyle – although when considering ground water pollution, plastic in the oceans, greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and vehicles involved in transporting to landfills its probably enough! The major motivation is the pre-consumer […]

The renovations are over!!

Hurrah!! After all the yarning, planning, doing, yarning, re-doing…the new Rubbish Free site is up and running!! Huge kudos to our good friends, Geoff and Fi from Attitude in Christchurch for venturing a long way beyond the call of duty in making it happen – if it wasn’t for the talent and patience of you […]