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Week 47 – Christmas Blog

  Christmas was always going to be the riskiest time of our rubbish free year, and I suspect that had we just started the challenge it might have blown us right out.  However, we, and more importantly, our family and friends have had almost 11 months to get our heads around doing Christmas rubbish free.  […]

Week 46: Peace be upon the recyclers

We had Campbell Live here with us this week, some of you would have seen it last Thursday night.  They requested that we have a Christmas tree.  So we found a young self-seeded one on Matthew’s parent’s property and borrowed our mates Christmas decorations!  There we go, secrets out.  It did look really good on […]

Week 45 – Future forests

We have had an amazing week.  Believe it or not, more surprises to do with flying. Early last week Matthew got an email from the Air New Zealand Environmental Trust inviting ‘influential bloggers’ to attend a day at the Mangarara Station in the Hawkes Bay to see their tree planting work.  The funny thing is […]

Week 44-Flying away

I had a great birthday surprise last weekend, we did go camping but with a twist.  On Saturday morning Isacc, a friend of ours who recently passed his commercial pilot’s license, knocked on our door.  I instantly thought to myself, things have taken a positive turn… sure enough Matthew announced that we were off on […]