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Week 43- fat lips, socks and other surprises

Well summer is upon us and our rubbish free year is soon coming to an end – two months to go.  We are starting to think about what on earth a rubbish free Christmas will look like – what to buy, how to wrap , how to post …  more on that when we actually […]

Week 42 – Canon vs Sony

Firstly, apologies for the complete absence of a blog from us for the past couple of weeks.  A perfect storm of travel, exams, work and life meant that we didn’t get a chance to sit down and write, but the storm has now moved on and the forecast is looking good for future weekly blogs! […]

Week 39 – Tired tires

We decided not to blog last week due to it being Labour Day Weekend and we were out of town and for those of you who have noticed our absence from the NZ Herald, we have been bumped in the interests of increased reporting on the election but apparently will reappear after we’ve all voted! […]