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Week 34 – Home delivery

One of the negative aspects of living rubbish free has been the amount of time it takes to do the weekly shop as we visit the Bin Inn, the butcher, green grocer and fish monger.  Although we often bike, we more regularly drive, and so in addition to time there is also the issue of […]

Week 33 – Toasters

A few years ago we were visiting a market with about four other friends when we decided to institute a $5 challenge.  We all scoured the market for items costing $5 or less, the winner being the individual who had secured the ‘coolest’ item.  To be fair it was quite a subjective contest, but nonetheless […]

Week 32 – where for art thou honey?

One thing I’ve learnt this year: a trick to frustration free bulk buying is to have two containers and to fill up one when the other one is getting empty. It took me a while to work that one out but it means you can fill up on bulk things all at once, not when […]

Week 31- lemon trees and soap nut trees

Thanks to all the old schoolers out there who descended on the  blog Matthew wrote a few weeks ago to suggest that I use a colouring-in pencil instead of a highlighter. Its just as good and so simple! Why didn’t I think of it?  It’s a classic example of how we somehow get weened of […]