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Week 30 – Washing tigers

Whilst talking with a friend yesterday, I was again struck by how difficult it is to always ‘do the right thing.’ The problem is that the ‘right thing’ in one area may well be a grievous sin in another. For example, she was telling me that she has always tried to buy eco-friendly dishwashing detergent, […]

Week 29 – Highlighters and Locks

Whenever I travel overseas I am always gripped by a yearning for marmite and Bluebird, green onion flavoured, chip sandwiches. Oddly, I very rarely eat this when home, particularly this year as we can’t buy the chips due to the packaging. Or, when tramping for a few days, thoughts often turn to any number of […]

Week 28 – Rubbish bag update

Week 28 – rubbish bag contents At the 12 week mark we blogged about the items we had in our bag up to that point, and now that we are past the half way mark it seemed timely for an update. Three months ago we had in our bag: 1. half a supermarket bag of […]

Week 27 – Past half way!

Last week was our half way mark in our rubbish free year. I just popped into the pharmacy to pick something up for a family member and was struck by how I wouldn’t be able to buy almost anything in the whole shop. And then I was stuck by how weird it is that living […]

Week 26 – Oral Health

Sometimes it feels a bit like we are locked in some epic struggle in our efforts to transform the bathroom into a rubbish free zone. We have won many battles: cleaning products, soap, shampoo and shaving to name a few, but the battle over oral health is still raging! This week I went to the […]