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Week 25- snowballing

People keep saying snow is on the way for us Cantabrians, but all we are getting so far is rain. But there is a ‘snowball’ to comment on never the less. Over our 6 months of rubbish ducking, as we blog and answer comments, or meet people at various events we hear of more and […]

Week 24 – half hour use, half millennia disuse

A friend of mine living in Las Vegas, (who I have to say hasn’t previously showed much sign of environmental sensitivities – we must be getting under his skin), sent me this picture the other day. The photo is of the rubbish created from a sit down meal at a restaurant. Styrofoam trays and cups, […]

Week 23 – All around the world

One of the statements I am never quite sure how to take, when talking to people about our rubbish free challenge, is “…you guys just seem so normal.” Without getting into a psychoanalytic discussion of ‘what is normal’, we have intuitively felt that we are relatively normal, a feeling that has been reinforced recently with […]

Week 22 – Raiders of the Well-Hidden Ark.

Well its been a rubbishy couple of weeks for us, unfortunately. We discovered that the dog food bag – that we especially switched to because we thought it was sturdy paper with a wax lining – actually has a plastic lining. Does anyone know of a good solution for dog food? If forced to I […]