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Week 16 – dollars and cents

We often get asked whether it is working out to be financially advantageous living in a way that avoids landfill rubbish. It is a difficult question to answer as we don’t have a baseline from which to compare. We were living in Canada for a year prior to starting the challenge, where we found the […]

Week 14 – plain sailing

The rubbish free challenge is working out to be a lot easier than we expected, in fact it has become so normal for us its kind of gone off our radar. Because of this we have decided to blog every second week rather than every week. The ease of the challenge certainly has come as […]

Week 13 – Warm in Winter

Just in time for the cool southerly blast that is passing over the South Island our much anticipated log burner was installed this week. In fact, the chap doing the installing finished just as rain began to fall and the fire hasn’t had a rest yet! Log burners are a bit of a controversial subject […]