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Week 12 – Quarterly Report

Being a quarter of the way through our challenge we decided that it was time to take stock of the items that are either in our rubbish bag, or are pending inclusion unless other uses can be found for them. Despite our desperate denial of the symptoms, the bathroom lightbulb finally blew this week after […]

Week 11 – Quality second hand goods

In the interests of saving our elbows from future re-constructive surgery due to continuous hand mashing of hummus and pesto, we have been in the market for a blender. There are plenty of blenders advertised weekly through mailbox circulars, however, there are two issues with these. Firstly, there is the packaging that they generally come […]

Week Ten – Wisdom from the elders

Long before we were ever considering doing a rubbish free year, I was discussing with my grandmother her experiences of raising five children whilst living on a large farm on which my grandfather was a worker. I was reminded of this conversation recently when we received an email from a 70 year old woman, Anna, […]

Week nine: Is waste free a waste of time?

Two months into our challenge and we are starting to generate enough interest that even people who don’t give a toss about their rubbish are starting to talk about ours. One media critic said our blog was enough rubbish for one year and pointed out that even if there were 1000 more Kate Valley landfills […]