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Week Eight – Pegs ‘n Pens

We spent Easter with friends at a bach with everybody bringing food to contribute and share over the weekend. We decided to continue with our rubbish free theme even though we were out of our house and therefore our food didn’t change much from what we eat at home. What was interesting though was seeing, […]

Week Six – batteries

Prior to starting on our challenge, Waveney and I swept through the house identifying potential sources of landfill waste and, where possible, replaced items with more sustainable alternatives. One area that received our attention was batteries. Apparently, 15 billion batteries are discarded every year, translating into a column that would stretch to the moon and […]

Week Five – Trip to recycling plant

Please note that this blog contains information on what can be recycled in Christchurch that is no longer accurate. Please see blog from Week 18 – Recycling Regroup for an explanation and clarification on what is able to be recycled through the kerbside collection service. We are now over one month into our rubbish free […]