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Week Four – WoF & MDF

An aspect of the challenge we are still not completely sorted on is the waste produced from activities in the garage and workshop. One of our guiding principles in trying to be rubbish free is finding alternative uses for things that are no longer fulfilling their original purpose. For example, we’re using the old wool […]

Week Three – tofu and disappearing packaging.

Week three and item number three has been added to our pile of things we can’t get rid of – actually items three to 53 have been added. This week when preparing the woodshed to receive a new load of wood for winter, we discovered a bottle stashed in amongst the leftover wood containing about […]

Week Two – Dinner for Eight

Despite having three degrees and numerous post-grad quals behind us, Waveney and I are still struggling to understand the rudimentary basics of how cyberspace works, and have now, sub-consciously at least, retreated into a wonderful world of internet ignorance. Because psychotherapy has yet to free us from this state, we have relied heavily on two […]

Week One – 1 down, 51 to go!

I would love to report that we got through our first week entirely rubbish free, but alas it wasn’t to happen. Last night I went to an awesome sale at a surf shop and ended up getting a new wetsuit. The labels are made from card, so are easily recyclable, but unfortunately attaching them to […]

Day One

Firstly thank you to everyone for all your helpful and encouraging comments. Its been amazing for us to feel so supported, you all rock. Today is finally February the first. First official day of our challenge. We are both freaked out – despite all the preparations and trials – today seems like the bar just […]